• The Olive Oil Hunters

    The Olive Oil Hunters

    Extra-Virgin wants to accompany you along the search of the best producers of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, our Heroes.
    We at Extra Virgin, traveling all around Italy, select only small producers that use exclusively olives born, harvested and processed on Italian soil and that adopt traditional production techniques.



  • Tradition 2.0

    Tradition 2.0

    Extra-Virgin is an encounter between web marketing and the most noble and well-known gourmet product in the world: the Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Our commitment is based on the passion for the Mediterranean traditions and through internet we want to bring together the work of our producers on your tables.



  • Our Recipes

    Our Recipes

    Our oil aims to be the star of your table. Ready to bring out all the flavors, from the most delicate to the most intense. Follow us on our social channels and we will offer you original recipes in order to guide you step by step into the golden world of the extravirgin Italian olive oil.

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  • Our Community

    Our Community


    Join our community on our social channels. You will receive our exclusive Coupons and special gifts and updates about events, activities, recipes and tips on how to exploit our flavored oils directly from the world of Extra-Virgin.

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Olive Oil – An Italian Flavour

Extravirgin Olive OilOlive oil
is the King of the Mediterranean diet and of Italian cuisine. The best olive oils are, in fact, produced in Italy.

In this magic country we can find a great number of olives of different varieties in every Regions: Apulia, Tuscany, Campania, Sicily..

All Italian olives have unique aromas and flavours. They’re suitable for any kind of recipes and with great nutritional qualities which make them ideal for children, elderly people, pregnant women..

Olive oil is highly recommended in athletes dietary regimes and to people who suffer from cardiac diseases and have high cholesterol levels.. Light, easy to digest, extravirgin olive oil is perfect for body and mind!